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 Discover How To Make N50,000 To 1 Million Naira Every Month From Mini Importation with as Little as N10,000 Naira... Even If it's your 1st Time

 Do you have enough money? Have You Gotten everything you have been dreaming of this Year? Are you happy with the way your life is going? If your answer is 'Yes', then don't waste your time reading this, just close this page.


 But if your answer is 'No', then keep on reading.

I will reveal to you how to quit your annoying full time job and start earning N50,000 to N500,000 Naira per Month Through Mini Importation Business from the comfort of your home.

Meanwhile before I continue, let me quickly Introduce myself!

So Who Am I and Why Listen to Me?

 My name is Enobong Thompson, I am a Passionate Entreprenuer, Business Strategist & Mini Importer.  CEO of SkyeTech Integrated Services, A company registered with the corporate affairs commission, RC 2708220 

I'm 24 years old. I was just an ordinary boy from a family which cannot by any means be called 'well-off'.

I was born into a poor family, I lost My Mum at a tender age, my dad is just a job man who could barely provide for a family of 6 children.

I understand what it means to Broke, Unemployed, Humiliated and Rejected by the people you trusted.  Life was so tough & difficult for me & my siblings. I could still remember how I hawked dry coconut & vegetables outside the street of Port Harcourt countless number of times, sometimes we could not even afford 3 square meal. My parent had to send me to the village to complete my secondary education because of Money.

When I graduated from secondary school, I didn't even think about going to university, as I needed to raise money take care of myself, Father and little Siblings.

So I found a 9 to 5 job were I worked as a computer instructor, operator, typist & manager of the business with a monthly salary of N8,000 Naira. If you see me then you would doubt that am the one now. I  worked as an Elephant, and then earn like an ant.

I was in a horrible Condition, until one day I sat down and made up my mind to change my life and family story forever. I was desperate, I did all the Search I can online about Businesses to venture into.

Luckily for me I stumble upon Pat Ogidi Mini Importation Business Training ads on my timeline (if you don’t know pat Ogidi, He is the number One Mini importer & Internet Marketer in Nigeria).

He Explain how Mini Importation worked & how he is doing full time 7 figure through this business.  

I felt dizzy. I spoke within me, “Could it be the opportunity I'd been looking for, the one that comes up once in a lifetime”?  and guess what, it was!!!   

At first, I did not understand anything about Mini Importation, but I went on Researching more info, websites, forums, blogs, and other sources on this topic, and, eventually, I became quite knowledgeable in it.

I purchase the course for N30,000 from Pat Ogidi, I went through it, practice it till I was able to start my first Importation. I was so happy because now I could start earning cash online through Mini Importation.    

Now, let's put my story aside for a bit, as I also want you to know what I'm talking about. I'm going to tell you what Mini Importation Means in a nutshell, so that you don't have to research dozens of websites, just like I did. It will save you a lot of time and effort 

 So What is Mini Importation, How Profitable Is it & who can do it?

Mini-Importation business as the Name Implies; is the Art Of Importing goods from other countries of the world like China, US, Dubai, etc. and Bringing them down to Nigeria to Sell to Consumers to make profit.

Take Note of the Word "Mini", Mini means small, in this business we import small items not big items like cars & fridges as some people think.


You import at cheap prices and sell in Nigeria at higher prices to make huge profit.  

Imagine you importing bag, household items or other product @ 1,500naira(shipping fee included) and selling it here in Nigeria for over 7,000naira per piece...

That’s like 5,500profit  

Now do calculations  

What if you import like 20 of that bags, calculate your profit!!!  

How does that sound? Cool right?

Here are images of some product I imported of Recent!


I want to open your eyes a little!

Do you know that Many of the product sold on some major Nigeria online store are mostly imported product, they buy this product at a very low price from Chinese site abroad and then sell it at a killer price to you?

Just take a look at the following product i am Currently Selling and you would be suprise how much i purchase them!!!

This product above is been sold for #810 in China, but the same product is sold for over #4,000 here in Nigeria.

This Product Sales for less than #1,200 in China including Shipping but is sold over N5,000 Naira here in Nigeria.

This is the same secrets used by big ecommerce companies like Jumia, Konga, Dealdey, etc to import high quality products at insanely cheap prices from some secret import portals, they don't ever want you to know about.


Imagine you buying a product for 1,200 naira(Including Shipping) and selling it over here for 10,000 or more with people even begging you to buy! That’s the power and beauty of this Mini- Importation business.


The best part is that anyone including you can start this business as long as you have the knowledge of how it works. It does not matter if you are;

  • A retired but not tired civil servant 
  • A polytechnic or university student
  • A full house-wife 
  • A working class... 


What do you Need to Start This Lucrative Business!!!

Perhaps you might be thinking what are the requirement to start this highly lucrative business:

It is simple;

Here are the requirements needed to start this highly lucrative business; 

  1.   A valid home address (this is where your products will be sent to)
  2.   A valid mastercard or visa atm card issued from your bank to Make payment
  3.  Start up capital (N10,000 and above)
  4.  Knowledge of Mini-Importation (Which you are about to learn now!)

So if what is required to start this business is within your reach, then whats holding you!

Am Launching my Mini Importation Course this Month, this course contain the exalt strategy i have using to generate 6 figure income from my Mini Importation Business. 

Introducing the Mini Importation Blueprint Course!!!

Here’s Exactly Few Of The Golden Things You’re Going To Learn through This Training!!!


In this Course, you would Learn the following:

  • Benefit 1 - Things you need to start importing goods from abroad and how to get them.
  • Benefit 2 - How to Buy Abroad and Pay your suppliers in Naira through Bank Transfer or Direct payment. 
  • Benefit 3 - How to Receive your Goods in Nigeria at your door step.
  • Benefit 4 - How to Sell your Product with Double Profit
  • Benefit 5 - How to Source & Buy Quality Product on your own
  • Benefit 6 - How to Identify Inferior & Fake goods as well as fake Seller
  • Benefit 7 - How to Buy America & Europe Standard Goods 
  • Benefit 8 - How to Image Search & Compare Prices of goods
  • Benefit 9 - Trusted Agent you can use to Order your goods for you in China
  • Benefit 10 - Location of Offfices you get your Goods in Lagos
  • Benefit 11 - How to Waybil your goods if you stay outside Lagos.
  • Benefit 12 - How to Calculate Product you are buying & Profit you would Make on Them.
  • Benefit 13 - How to Ship your Product to Nigeria
  • Benefit 14 - How to Market your Product upon Arrival, etc.
  • Benefit 15 - We will Teach you everything you need to Know about Mini Importation Business.
  • Benefit 16 - Step by Step Guide with pictures and illustrations on how to translate and import goods from China's largest importation portal and the other reliable Chinese portals.
  • Benefit 17 - How to make payment for the goods purchased and how to receive your goods in Nigeria successfully.
  • Benefit 18 - How to ship your goods down to Lagos within 7 days. 
  • Benefit 19 - How to identify a scam website and how to shop online without fear of being scammed.


In this Course, you would Learn the following:

  • Benefit 20 - How to get ideas on products that will sell like hot cake each time you market them.
  • Benefit 21 - Step by step guide on how to advertise on Nigeria's biggest online forum how to run Facebook adverts
  • Benefit 22 -Step by Step guide on how to order from China websites and China factories, and have the goods delivered right here in Nigeria.
  • Benefit 23 - How to Ship from China to Nigeria at extremely low cost.
  • Benefit 24 - The Best CHINA stores/websites you can import goods from
  • Benefit 25- How to identify fake chinese suppliers
  • Benefit 27 - 5 products you should avoid like plagues
  • Benefit 28 - How to buy products for as low as $1 - $3 and sell them for as high as N10,000 ( that is up to 800% profit
  • Benefit 29 - Location of Offfices you get your Goods in Lagos
  • Benefit 30 - How to source for legitimate chinese manufacturers and have them customise your goods by putting your company name or logo on them.
  • Benefit 31 - How to Calculate Product you are buying & Profit you would Make on Them.
  • Benefit 32 - 5 best Platform to advertise your product for free on the internet.
  • Benefit 33 - How to promote your goods to the exact people searching for it on the internet
  • Benefit 34 - The Best CHINA shipping companies with the best and extremely low shipping fees you can think of.
  • Benefit 35 - How to sell off your products quickly for maximum profit.
  • Benefit 36 - I won’t just show you how to buy goods from abroad, but I will also reveal to you the secret methods of selling your goods off quickly.
All my Agent Contact!!!

I will hand over all my Agent Contact that i have Used so far to You!!!


Regular & Continuos Mentorship & training to keep you updated.                            *Phone call conversation anytime *audio recording conversation n explanation if need arises. *and many many more*

How to Sell on Jumia, Jiji, Olx, etc

I will walk you through the Steps on How to sell in this Top Nigerian Platform!!!

But That is Not All!
When you take advantage of this offer, and you are among the first 50 people who will take action today or you pay before the Launch Price Expires.

Apart from receiving the Mini Importation Blueprint Guide as stated above...




In this Course You would Learn the Exact way my Companies have used to generate more Revenue by just Registring Business Name in Nigeria. 

You would learn how to Register Business Name in Nigeria for just 6,000 (1k for Buz Name Reservation & 5K for the Registration).

We will walk you all the Process you need to follow to Register aBusiness Name In Nigeria.


10 Hot products you can import Now and Bank big!


I will Released my 10 Hot Product am currently Selling Now to You for Free!!!

I don't always do this, infact whenever i Discover any Hot product what I always do is to Sell it faster before other people find out about it. But just to make sure you take advantage of this opportunity, I will Give you all for Free.

I will keep you update each time I Discover a Hot Selling Product 


Life time Support from Us!!!

You will get regular and Lifetime update from us through a dedicated Facebook and Whatsapp group on New happening in the Niche of Mini Importation!!!

Will guide you untill you are very Competent in the Business of Importation!!!

If U are Among the 1st 50 Persons to Purchase the Mini Importation Blueprint Course Today, U will Also Get the Following Bonuses FREE!!!

How to Pay Your Chinese Supplier/Seller Directly Without Paying Agent Fee!!!

Many Importers can't bypass Agent, they keep on paying exhorbitant amount of Money for Agent to Purchase their product.

What if There is a way of Purchasing your product from Trusted Supplier & Eliminating Agent so that you have to pay your supplier Directly.

Well I found the Solution, this strategy will help you Eliminate Agent, After Taking this course, you will be able to pay your supplier without spending a dime on Agent. But iit's not for Every one, this will ONLY be Reveal to Action Takers who will Pay within 24 hrs i.e. 1 day of reading this copy.

3 Self Improvement Books That Changed My Life!!!

I will hand Over the Best Books that have contributed to my Success to You at No Cost. This Books will surely Change your life!!!


So, How can you Get a Copy of My
Mini Importation Blueprint Right Now and at What Price?

You see, without even considering I could easily charge you N50,000 for this Training and it will still be worth every single penny of it.

But you don’t have to pay that much. You don’t even have to pay N20,500N15,000N10,000,or even N7,000.


I want to make the price affordable and also ensure that every person who is interested in getting this amazing Training can take advantage of this opportunity. 

So I will be giving it out at an amazing low price this Month so that everyone can afford.

I'm letting you have the Mini Importation blueprint Course for the launch price of only N4,999.

But you have to take advantage of this low price now because it is available for...

A Very Short Time!

You see, I intend increasing the price of the Mini Importation Blueprint Course Once the Launch Price Expires...

I intend selling it for Nothing Less than N10,000.

But for this month, you don't have to pay that amount...  

What you have to pay is only N4,999.

To Give you full assurance on this Product, I’m also going to remove all the risk! by Giving you 30 days Money Back Guarantee

To show you how confident I am with this business, I'll make things easier for you.

I've decided to take all the risk on my shoulders and throw in a 100% guarantee... Because I am so sure of the effectiveness of the information I'll be revealing in my Course, I'm sure the strategies I'll be delivering into your palms will make you millions and save you endless sleepless nights.


If after going through the full course, and after 30 days, you do not think you can take what I show you and make 500 times your investment, simply let me know and I will offer you my sincere apologies for wasting your time and then give you a FULL refund! 


So, it shall never be said that “I have joined all these gurus who chop peoples’ money” and run away.




My name is worth more than diamond.

I've covered you with a rock solid 100% guarantee, and have taken all the risk upon my shoulders such that, there's no risk for you at all....


Here's How to Order For 
The Mini Importation Blueprint Plus the  Bonuses Today at the 
Launch Discount Price 
Only Available For The First 50 Persons...

Note that the launch period expires either after the timer below hits zero... or we get the first 50 persons. 

Which ever comes first! 

Then the launch price of N4,999 which you can get it for today expires;

...and the new price of N10,000 or more automatically takes effect without the special bonus.


Here is how to order before the Launch period expires;

Bank Deposit, Internet/ATM Transfer/Mobile Money etc 

STEP 1: Make a deposit/transfer of N4,999 into;
Bank: Zenith Bank
Account NameSkyeTech Integrated Services.
Account No: 101-602-9193

STEP 2: After payment, send an email message (not text message. Not phone call please!), containing YOUR NAME, EMAIL ADDRESS, PHONE NUMBER and Date of payment to:

As soon as we confirm your payment, we will forward you the course link immediately.

SECURED ATM Card Payment 

Works Anytime, Even At 12 Midnight. Secure Order Form - 100% Protected Safe & CBN Approved. You Get Access INSTANTLY. No Waiting Whatsoever!

Upon successful payment, you'll be redirected to the members area were you will download the course. No waiting whatsoever.


In Summary, Here's a quick recap of everything you'll receive when you secure your copy right now:

  • You would also get:
  • The Ultimate Guide to Regiter any business Name in Nigeria for #,5000
  • Top 10 product you can start importing

    365 days support for All Our Student
    I will hand over all My Agent Contact to You
    You would Learn How to Sell On big Ecommerce Platform Like Jumia, Konga, OLX, etc.

    Plus Exclusive VIP BONUSES which include;
    *My #1 Secret to Paying my Chinese Supplier without usinga an Agent
    *How to Issue E-receipt to Your Client Online
    *How to Post Multiple Product, Attach Prices & Sell via Whaasapp & Other Social Media       Platform
    *3 Self Improvement books that changed my Life.



When You Secure Your Copy of THE THE MINI-IMPORTATION BLUEPRINT Today, You'll get a Total Value of 12,500 Naira For ONLY...


Original price 15,000 Naira
Only 4,999 Naira!


PSIn case you’re tempted to put off getting your copy right now?

Well, that’s a choice!

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The bonus disappear; 

And you might risk getting it at the real price of N10,000.

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#178 Old Refinery Road, Elelenwo, Port Harcourt, Rivers State.  
Please note that the special offer of N4,999 is going to last for one week(7days) only. 
Enobong Thompson  

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